UEFA keep trying to punish Lyon, who keep appealing

UEFA suspensions are gifts that keep on giving.

Yesterday, UEFA finally handed down their sentence for last season’s Europa League match against CSKA Moscow. You know, the racist fan behavior, crowd riots, and illegal fireworks? Fun times.

In their infinite wisdom, UEFA has decided that the punishment will be one home match played behind closed doors, with another on probation – that is, fans better be on their best behavior, or Lyon will have to play a second closed match.

Nightmare on OL Street.

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Lyon await UEFA sanctions

In all the excitement for the new season, I’ve forgotten the axe that’s hanging over OL’s neck. In case you’re like me and pretending that this isn’t happening, here’s a recap:

It’s just the Europa League, guys. Not worth the riot.

Last March, during the Europa League Round of 16 game against CSKA Moscow, UEFA charged Lyon with the following:

– Throwing of objects and setting off of fireworks
– Crowd disturbances
– Blocked stairways
– Racist behavior

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