Bring on the Pretenders: Sizing Up the D1F Competition

Last week, Lyon’s all-world team of superstars kicked off their quest toward a 13th straight D1 Féminine title with an 8-0 win over Lille.  Lyon are top of the table just one week in, and we fully expect they’ll be there when the season wraps up in May.  But every team of heroes needs its supervillains, and D1F has its share of pretenders aiming to knock les Fenottes off the throne.  While the team is off for the international break, let’s get to know the challengers. Continue reading “Bring on the Pretenders: Sizing Up the D1F Competition”

Lucky Number 13? OL Féminin 2018-2019 Season Preview

“There’s no particular pressure, except that we must win everything.”
~ Reynald Pedros, August 2017

The confetti has been swept off the field in Kiev, two shiny new pieces of hardware have been added to the bulging trophy cabinet, and we’ve just about stopped replaying the last kick of the Coupe de France final to look for the phantom foul that wiped Lyon’s late equalizer off the board.  The summer is wrapping up, and that means it’s time for “l’ogre lyonnais” to awaken from its slumber to lay waste to the competition for another year.

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