Redemption: Olympique Lyonnais vs Strasbourg Match Preview

Olympique Lyonnais have just experienced one of their worst weekends ever. And the season has barely started.


Despite it only being the second week of Ligue 1, our most promising young striker suffered a torn knee ligament in training while the team experienced an embarrassing defeat to a promoted club. Worse yet, the search for a central defender has been equally underwhelming.

The pressure is already heaped on “Pep” Genesio as this Friday, OL will host an eager Strasbourg side who are looking to repeat last season’s upset. We’ve all tried to bury that 3-2 loss deep into our memories, (just like the time that you accidentally killed your neighbor’s bird when babysitting it while they were away on vacation). Dimitri Lienard pulled a stunning Memphis Depay-esque last minute winner out of his arse that shocked the OL and gave Strasbourg all 3 points.

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Lyon 2 – 1 Wolfsburg: 90 minutes of your life you’ll never get back

I don’t even know why I bothered to watch this game when the players themselves can’t be bothered to play. They basically showed up an hour before the match and then had a casual game of kick about. At least that’s what it felt like to everyone except maybe Bruno Genesio, who seems to think that barely scraping by relegation-level teams is an ok result.

My 10 year old cousin has a more aggressive coach than Lyon does at the moment. Maybe Aulas should start looking for his next manager in the Washington DC youth league.

Manager of a Champions League team or a group of ten year old kids?

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Olympique Lyonnais transfer updates: the latest garbage

Speaking for myself, the World Cup has taken over my life to the point that I barely remember OL exists. But then I check my phone and see the latest headlines, which usually imply that Lyon’s entire first team will be purchased by the end of the week.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Jean-Michel Aulas knows how to play the transfer game. He’ll find a way to sell you an empty bag of Doritos for five times the price he bought it for. If you negotiate well, you might get some chips still in the bag. Maybe.

“I’d like to change outfits, please.”

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