Weekly Update: L’infirmerie est Pleine!

It’s only October, but the hospital wing of Olympique Lyonnais is running out of beds. While injuries are bound to happen, having so many at once is a headache for any manager. Fortunately, it’s not red alert just yet, but Lyon’s medical staff will be extra vigilant because any additions to the below list will definitely push the men’s, women’s, and reserve teams towards a crisis.

Nabil Fekir: This is the big one. He sustained an ankle injury in the early minutes against PSG, and while he tried to play on, he went down a few minutes later and signaled for a substitution. As we all know, OL’s fortunes went kaput after that.

All things considered, the injury is relatively minor. He has been ruled out for a month and is expected to miss the games against  Nîmes, Angers, Bordeaux, as well as both games against Hoffenheim. This is a heavy blow, as we’ve seen the team struggles when he is not on the pitch.

Fekir picked up an ankle injury against PSG.

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Chelsea vs Lyon (Friendly) – Match Preview

This is it. The last friendly of the season. Lyon’s next match after this is their season opener against Amiens. You don’t need me to tell you how important it is that Lyon win. Each point matters, so the team can’t afford to “take it slow.”

Chelsea is likely feeling the same, so consider this as an extra aggressive practice. Both teams will collect a good bit of money, and since neither will win the ICC trophy at this point, no one really cares anymore.

Yeah, preseason has me cross-eyed too.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018
Stamford Bridge, London
9:05 PM EST (21:05 CET, 20:05 UST)

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Inter Milan vs. Lyon the Eusebio Cup Champions (Friendly) – Match Preview

Lyon are riding high after their victory against Benfica, where they were crowned the winners of the 2018 Eusebio Cup.

I can’t believe I wrote that while keeping a straight face. Whatever, when you support a club that hasn’t seen a trophy since 2012, you take what you can get. I’m gonna own it, bitches.

The Eusebio Cup Champions now move onto their next opponent, Inter Milan, otherwise known as the slightly less shady Milan team.

Lyon’s 3-2 win over Benfica on Wednesday was painful in so many ways.

Saturday, August 4th, 2018
Stadio Via del Mare, Lecce
2:05 PM EST (20:05 CET, 19:05 UST)

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Benfica vs. Lyon (Friendly) – Match Preview

With Lyon’s preseason halfway complete, the team will need to step up as they begin facing tougher opponents. Their performances so far against FC Sion (2-2 draw), Fulham (4-0 win), Huddersfield (4-1 loss), and Wolfsburg (2-1 win) have been unconvincing snooze fests. Their next three opponents are Benfica, Inter Milan, and Chelsea, whose teams will pose a considerable challenge even as friendlies.

The tournament they are participating is called the Internationals Champions Cup. By invite only, it’s basically a handpicked group of 18 clubs that the organizers feel can generate the most ticket sales (Lyon were included when Sevilla dropped out). Clubs can earn between €3m to €6m per game (loser vs winner). Each club plays three others, and in the event of a tie, it will go to penalties. At the end of the tournament, the club with the most points wins.

Even though these are friendlies, it’s provided some dramatic match ups so far. Barcelona gets to play Roma (awkward), Real Madrid will play Juventus (awkward), and Manchester United got trounced by Liverpool.

Tomorrow is also the Eusebio Cup, a yearly Benfica tradition. The winner gets a trophy of Eusebio!

Wednesday, August 1st
Estadio Algarve, Algarve
4:05 PM EST (22:05 CET, 21:05 UST)

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Lyon 2 – 1 Wolfsburg: 90 minutes of your life you’ll never get back

I don’t even know why I bothered to watch this game when the players themselves can’t be bothered to play. They basically showed up an hour before the match and then had a casual game of kick about. At least that’s what it felt like to everyone except maybe Bruno Genesio, who seems to think that barely scraping by relegation-level teams is an ok result.

My 10 year old cousin has a more aggressive coach than Lyon does at the moment. Maybe Aulas should start looking for his next manager in the Washington DC youth league.

Manager of a Champions League team or a group of ten year old kids?

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Huddersfield 3 – 1 Lyon: Dear God, Gorgelin

Yeah, yeah, it’s just a friendly. It doesn’t mean anything, blah blah blah. But watch the highlight video posted below and then tell me you aren’t freaking out a little bit? Take a long look at the guy who’s going to be standing between the sticks for Lyon’s first two league games and possibly the International Champions Cup matches as well.

Goals: Kongolo 68′, Depoitre 80′, 89, (Huddersfield), Cornet 50′ (Lyon)

The above picture exemplifies the whole match

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Huddersfield Town vs Lyon (Friendly) – Match Preview

After Brave Lyon vanquished the invaders from Fulham last weekend, Bruno Genesio and his faithful knights continue on their pre-season quest to battle other foreign armies. They do this in order to ready themselves for their ultimate foe, the Champions League. Should they slay this dragon, they will be rewarded with what King Aulas desires above all else, the monstrous trophy with the big ears.

(I have it on good authority that this trophy is basically a cup filled with the tears of Arsenal fans).

Lyon’s coming for you next.

July 25th, 2018
Kirklees Stadium, Huddersfield
2:45 PM EST (20:45, CET, 19:45 GMT)

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