Jean-Mimi’s Diary – July 30th, 2018

this is my diary where i keep all my sekrets. do not read unless your name is also jean-michel aulas, president of ol but soon to be president of all football

Mood: Elated

dear diary,

today i found out that lyon is france’s most hated club

very good news!

we are the most popular disliked club. hate = passion, so ol are number in passion. we are winners.

it’s not easy to be at the top, but when it comes to popularity, lyon will always surpass psg.

i am also a celebrity. people always want to take pictures with me. although i’m just a gifted, talented, amazing, genius entrepreneur, i am also humble. but i know the little people see me as a pillar of all that is annoying about my club, so i will step up to the task.

even my friend nasser at psg hates me more than uefa’s financial fair play laws. and he really hates fair play laws.

i am such a winner. i don’t even have to try



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