The Lyon Offside is back!

Welcome to the newly reborn Lyon Offside! For those of you returning here, this blog was started in 2007 and ran for about seven years. However, its database crashed, and despite several attempts, it could not be recovered.


It was a frustrating time for us at the OL Offside, and my co-bloggers and I ended up taking a short hiatus that unfortunately became much longer than anticipated. However, now the blog is back! I’m hoping that its return will signal a new era for OL as well. I try not to read into things, but surely it’s not a coincidence that as soon as this blog died, so did OL’s chances at the title?

As the start of the season gets closer, I’ll be posting more and more. The purpose of this blog is to share how awesome OL is with the English speaking world.

We’re back, bitches.


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